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Cost Engineering

A reliable handle on product costs and quality

Due to our technical and business expertise, we support you in reducing your product costs while simultaneously increasing product values and product quality in

  • procurement
  • production
  • product development
The added value of cost engineering is generated from
  • sustainably reduced procurement costs for products, tools and services
  • product innovations and values developed based on market needs
  • shorter development times and faster time-to-market
  • low manufacturing costs at high productivity and quality

The planning and implementation of optimization measures with suppliers are particularly successful and sustainable when suppliers are cooperatively and collaboratively involved in the improvement process.

ORAGO supports your efforts to leverage supplier know-how and innovation capabilities by

  • collaboratively integrating suppliers into the C&VE process
  • developing models for sharing C&VE successes
  • forming and moderating cross functional teams
  • Project Management
  • conducting C&VE workshops with suppliers
  • developing and systematically implementing cost optimization action plans with suppliers
  • sustainably implementing C&VE methods and processes

Your benefits

  • Reduced procurement costs
  • More product quality, benefits, and product innovation

Supplier benefits

  • Process optimization
  • More capacity
  • Higher profitability
  • Reduced manufacturing costs

Our team of consultants has extensive hands-on subject matter knowledge in industrial manufacturing processes, product cost management, and controlling acquired over many years. 

We identify cost drivers and productivity barriers in production and logistics processes and systematically eliminate these with

  • cost and value analyses of production processes
  • benchmark costing
  • portfolio analysis and complexity management
  • process analysis and planning (REFA time studies)
  • value flow analysis and planning
  • cause-and-effect illustrations
  • business-specific action plan development and implementation
  • sustainable efficiency improvements

Your benefits 

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Improved cash flow
  • Improved return on capital

We support you with cost & value engineering methods to develop products with high customer benefit at target costs and values based on market needs


Our methodologies for increasing product value

  • Market research and analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Value analysis
  • Innovation management
  • Value engineering
  • Target costing (market into company)

Our methodologies for reducing product costs

  • Product development costing
  • Cost structure analysis
  • Configuration and complexity management
  • Design to cost
  • Design for manufacturability & assembly

Your benefits 

  • Achieve cost and value objectives based on market needs
  • Avoid overengineering
  • Reduced development effort
  • More sales, revenue, and margin